Very Bizzare

The Blobfish is a jellOMGBLOBFISHe fish with a density less than water so it floats above the ocean floor. It has a triangular face with a scowl or a frown. It has no muscles and it catches sea urchins, mollusks, and crustaceans by sitting in one spot.

They're found in very deep water and are rarely seen. It lives by Australia and Tasmania fishermen accidentally catch them when sweeping the ocean floor with nets "blobfish aren't very atractive", they say.The pressure where they live is eighty times greater than at sea level. I think it is just a big mass of gel with fins. Their average length is about two feet long.

Blobfish were first described in 1978 and when first seen the scientists were overseeing nests with 9,000 to 108,000 pink-colored eggs. They sit on their eggs like a chicken and the eggs are always cleaned. At a reprodution hotspot, it is believed to have to do with cold seeps that make the water in this region warmer and supply a steady stream of food.bloblfish.jpg