ezinarticles.com/?x-ray-fish-8id=292152http://eh.mimi.hu/aquarium/x-ray-fish.htmlwww.liveaquarium.comwww.myfishtank.netwww.Animal-World.comAs small as it is, this is one amazing creature! The X Ray fish, also know as the Golden Pristella can grow to 2.5 cm to one inch. X Ray fish are omnivorous. They eat live, fresh, flake floods. Their habitats are the island waters of Venezuela, Guyana, and the Amazonian of Brazil. In these habitats the X Ray fish is swimming in schools. X Ray fish love swimming in schools. They are very peaceful and great for the community.PristellaTetra_PristellaMaxillarisWFChT_AcF202.jpgp-39513-xray-tetra.jpg